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The New York City based brand came onto the gay scene in late 2016 and has since amassed a cult following of guys who are ready to light up the night! Breedwell products are no regular underwear which means you will have to care for your LED collection differently to your regular underwear to ensure you’re always shining the brightest.

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Breedwell Stud Jockstrap (Black/Red)
Breedwell Stud Jockstrap (black/red)
  • $29.00


Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness (Red)
Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness (red)
  • $209.00
  • $164.00


Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap (Red)
Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap (red)
  • $99.00
  • $59.00