Why jockstraps are better than traditional underwear

Activewear has made a move from only ever being seen at the gym to being used as casual everyday garb, and now it seems that men’s underwear, namely the jockstrap, is going through the same transition.

 Why Jockstraps Are Better Than Traditional Underwear

You may be a little surprised by the above statement, but the truth is daggy old boxers are so last decade. More men than ever are now relying on themselves to buy their own underwear, rather than delegating that duty to girlfriends, partners, or their mum.

As a result, there’s a little more discretion involved in choosing what men wear under the pants, and discretion is leaning heavily towards the jockstrap for a few reasons.

Why Jockstraps Are Better Than Traditional Underwear

Jockstraps provide comfort because they keep all your bits exactly where they belong. Sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter; there are no more embarrassing moments getting caught adjusting yourself in the break room or providing entertainment for a co-worker across the hall with an unobstructed view of under your desk as you wrestle your junk into a more comfortable position.

Unlike briefs or boxers, jockstraps won’t ride up into uncomfortable places, forcing you to either put up with the discomfort during the daily office meeting or have you trying to discretely yank them back out.

Why Jockstraps Are Better Than Traditional Underwear

High waistbands can pinch, which is uncomfortable to say the least, and sometimes painful. Jockstraps do their job with the bare minimum of material, making them the superior choice for comfort and support.

Less material means that jock straps always come in under the typical prices boxers or briefs always fetch. Lower prices mean you can buy more, which means you’ll always have a fresh pair handy for when you don’t get a chance to do the washing.

Less material also means your bum stays cooler in the hotter weather. A cooler bum means less sweating and no more rashes.