Why Is Pump! Underwear Different From The Rest

Don’t settle for less by purchasing your underwear in those giant 5-packs with the bonus pair on clearance online.  Yeah, men often get a bad reputation for being only interested in buying underwear when their old ones are called out for having holes in them, and no we aren't talking about jock straps. Underwear should be important, though, because not only are you wearing them more often than all your other clothes, but also because it can make you feel better, sexier, and more active.

Don’t believe us?  Keep reading to find out more about what a good, quality pair of underwear can do for you, besides keep your family jewels in place.

Great Style

Underwear can be quite boring if you only look at it from a utilitarian standpoint.  They’re predictable, made to last until the next stocking-stuffer gift at Christmas, and normally aren’t noticed until you take them off.  Stylish, athletic underwear is made to impress, both yourself and your significant other. For example, PUMP! Underwear is made to look good while making you feel good, trust us on this one.  It’s the same concept as buying new clothes. Just because you aren’t showing off your underwear all day, doesn’t mean that it has any less of an impact on your confidence or mood.

Why Is Pump! Underwear Different From The Rest

Strong Craftsmanship

PUMP! Underwear is designed and built to withstand lots of flexing and stretching during heavy activity, and it'll be noticeable from the moment you put them on. You don’t need to be a gym rat in order to appreciate great stitching, strong seams, and contouring fabric that feels like it was made to hold you in. The same goes for dyes and the quality of the fabric; no fading, no thinning, and no loss of softness, unlike discount underwear that tends to get rougher and lighter as it is put through the wash. 

Why Is Pump! Underwear Different From The Rest

Built to Impress

Athletic underwear is made to accentuate what is already there, while making your work out more comfortable. So if you’re interested in impressing your partner, this is a sure way to do it. PUMP! underwear is manufactured with a micro-mesh material, which is designed to stretch and allow your manhood to breathe. Heading to the gym for a heavy work out and worried about soaking your underwear in sweat? With PUMP!'s quick absorption and fast drying material, sweaty balls will be a thing of the past!

It’s a refreshing, literally and conceptually to experience a men’s underwear that is designed with these things in mind.  Whether it’s in the form of boxers, briefs, or jockstraps, the importance of breathe-able design cannot be overstated.

Why Is Pump! Underwear Different From The Rest

Something for Everyone

Underwear shouldn’t be divided into body types or categories of manliness.  Everyone looks good in stylish, athletic, and sexy underwear.  Whether you’re hairy, skinny, chunky, or built like an ox, it’s all about instilling that confidence that we all want.  Wearing a great outfit can make your whole day, and wearing a great pair of underwear can make you feel like Superman.

Don’t just buy it to impress your partner or replace your old ones, buy yourself some nice underwear because you deserve to look and feel good.  Use them as an opportunity to change your perspective in life: the sexy man who is beaming with confidence and swagger.