Why do gay men like wearing crop tops?


The male crop top has been around since the 1970s. At the time, male body builders eager to show off their builds would cut off the bottom of their gym shirts. This got around the dress code requiring shirts at the gym, and lead to a whole new clothing option for men.

The popularity of crop tops continue into the 80s. Football players often wore crop tops because they were more comfortable and practical than full shirts. Today crop tops are still popular, with famous singers such as Kid Cudi sporting them at concerts, and men enjoying the chance to feature their abs without going completely shirtless. When you take into account how good it looks, and how much attention it draws, it's no real surprise that gay culture has adopted the crop top as a favorite piece of outerwear.

Crop tops aren't just sexy, they are the perfect symbol for the gay movement. They fly in the face of convention, look amazing, and add character to an otherwise boring outfit. If you've worked hard for your six-pack, it doesn't make sense to hide it behind a sleeveless tee. Shortening that shirt gives the world a chance to see what you've worked so hard to achieve.

Shortening up a great looking shirt has become a common site at Pride festivals, where fashion trends tend to be a little more adventurous. Brands like JJ Malibu even offer crop tops that are more than just a short version of a normal t-shirt. Their fun and fashionable designs are cut to show off all the assets, and some even have fun slogans that add to the over all look.

Crop tops aren't for everyone, but they do have a lot to offer for the adventurous. Even if your abs aren't washboard perfect, a loose crop top can still be charming with the right outfit. A very short crop top can define the pecs and accent all of your muscles, while a looser crop top can show just enough navel to be appealing.


Catching the attention of a hot date isn't always easy. If you have a great body and want to show it off, that blazer isn't going to help you show off your hot features any more than a pair of baggy sweat pants will. Crop tops can be the answer for those bold enough to give this fashion trend a try.

Gay men love crop tops, and for good reason. They are sexy, fashionable, and offer the chance to highlight the body instead of hiding it. As an added bonus, you can wear it for the same reason they were originally designed—it technically fills that shirt requirement at the gym.

Crop tops are here to stay, so if you're excited about showing off your body, adding a few of these to your wardrobe is a sexy option you won't want to miss. Get one in every length so you can change it up at your next party or sports practice.