When will the world encourage plus size gay male models

Few men care about their looks to the degree of Ady Del Valle. His day starts by taking care of his face, including makeup, before he even dresses himself. He chooses his outfits with utmost care, and frankly looks fabulous by the time he's done. This should come as no surprise because he is one of the up and coming male models in the world.

What might be surprising... his size. He's considered an  XXXXL and we aren't talking about his cock.

Del Valle didn't start out with a desire to become a model. He found himself frustrated that he couldn't find fashionable clothing in his size, and that clothing that did fit him often cost $20 more than similar clothing in a smaller size.

His modeling began on his own instagram, taking closeups in his carefully chosen outfits, and going viral when he finally had the confidence to post a picture of himself shirtless at the beach. That image took off, and quickly hit Huffington Post. The world went wild for Del Valle, opening him up to new opportunities, a possible new career, and a world that embraced him for who he truly is.



He has since been invited to work on photography projects, and The Real Catwalk. His success is almost unheard of in the fashion world, where to be a successful male model you need to be well muscled and with absolutely no body fat.

 The fashion world is changing, and coming to terms with how society looks at their clothing. Things like gender stereotypes and size are being questioned, and an effort is being made to include more plus sized models—mostly female.

 Plus sized modeling for men has fallen behind women, with just a handful of larger models. It's so uncommon in fact, the very first plus sized male model thought it was a scam when he was poached on Instagram.


 “I never dreamed it was even possible to be a model when I was growing up. I thought I couldn't be a model any more than I could be the Queen of England, it just wasn't an option,” Zach Miko told FEMAIL about the experience.

 Plus sized male models are out there now, but they are a sharp minority. It's up to the world to show the fashion industry that they want to see more of these models.

 Fat shaming is currently a very real problem. Many men and women find themselves publicly ostracized because they do not conform the beauty ideals of the world. Beauty does not come in a specific body size, and the more we support men like Zach Miko and Ady Del Valle, the more we can encourage men of larger sizes to try their hand at modeling.

You never know what amazing faces or styles will come out if the world just encourages it, so the next time you see a plus sized model strutting their stuff, leave them an encouraging message. You never know what may come of it.