What Does Your Underwear Choice Say About You?

A lot of things can tell or point to who you are, including your choice of underwear. To wit, we take a look at how men’s underwear can depict their character:

Flashy and Metallic Underwear

This type of underwear is worn to be seen. So if you’re seen rocking these on a regular basis, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re looking to be the center of attention.


What Does Your Underwear Choice Say About You

Black and White

Black and white underwear is more of the comfortable and functional type. This type of underwear is usually for people who are in a relaxed and casual mood; nothing flashy, nothing outlandish.

Tightey Whiteys

Just as an FYI, if you’re still wearing those tightey whitey’s, well, let’s just say you need an update to that wardrobe of yours. Time to get with the program. Go online; get yourself a fancy pair of Andrew Christian’s or some snug fitting Pump! Briefs. You don’t want to be known as the guy whose parents buys his underwear for him.

What Does Your Underwear Choice Say About You

The Basic Briefs

The basic briefs are seen by many as the best. For optimal comfort and a sense of total calm, this is the best. However, you can also come off as a person who is unwilling to take risks with his fashion. You won’t want to be called out on making a faux pas, so you’ll very much refer to just leave things the way they are.

Easy Access Undies

Easy access undies are underwear in which you can just as easily flip out your behind. Wearing this means you’re most probably counting on getting lucky (if you know what I mean). It’s partially a brief, and partially a jockstrap.

What Does Your Underwear Choice Say About You

Casual Lounging Boxers

If this is your choice, then there’s a high probability that you’ll most likely prefer staying at home than being outside. You’re not the type to prefer having late nights out in the city, but you’ll much rather just sit at home and chill. You are also the type of guy that probably just wants to let everything hang loose.


If, as a guy, you wear jockstraps, then it’s simple; you have a toned body and you want everyone you come across to know it. You want to give some highlight to your chiseled behind and you’ll like for your babies to get as much recognition as they can get without actually flashing them open for the world to see.


What Does Your Underwear Choice Say About You

Butt Accentuaters

Butt accentuaters also work like jockstraps if you’re wearing these, then it means you’ll like for your behind to do the taking… quite literally! These not only make your butt look bigger and perkier, but they look extremely good with jeans on. Wearing says a lot about you. You clearly want to be a showstopper. You want everyone to notice that behind.