What underwear is best for an active lifestyle?

For many of us, staying active is an important part of our lives. Exercise helps us stay in shape and makes us feel better about ourselves. Just as importantly, what we wear underneath during a workout can affect your mood and give you discomfort such as chafing. 


That’s why having a good pair of active underwear can make all the difference. Firstly, what makes a good pair of active underwear? Here’s a guide on how to pick the perfect pair for you.


  1. Ventilation

Go for underwear that is designed with ‘vents’, or ventilation holes, such as those with mesh fabrics. These keep you cool and reduces moisture build up on the fabric, thus reducing friction. Quick -Dry fabrics such as Nylon or Polyester fabrics also allow air to flow which reduces excessive sweating and ultimately keeps you away from getting a sweat rash. 


  1. Support

Constant rubbing motion can take a toll on your assets as well as cause chafing where skin contacts fabric. Active underwear is usually designed to protect your assets during a high-impact workout. They’ll lift your assets away from your skin which will not only give you support but also reduce the chance of chafing and sweat rash.


  1. Sweat Wicking

Firstly, what is sweat-wicking? Sweat-wicking garments aim to take the moisture from your skin, disperse it onto the surface of the fabric, and allow it to evaporate into the air. This is one of the most important factors when getting active underwear. Sweat and moisture are the culprits behind the friction that leads to chafing, not to mention the bacteria party you’ll have been incubating which may cause even more damage. Most Quick-Dry fabrics have sweat-wicking.


  1. Fit

The absolute crucial thing when getting active underwear is to get the right fit. Loose fabric will not only cause friction but will also not support you properly. The jockstrap is designed specifically to support your assets while leaving everything else free, and might I add, was also originally created for sports and the active lifestyle. If jockstraps scare you try something that is form-fitted. Opt for underwear with wide waistbands so they don’t dig into your skin. If you are unsure on what type of underwear suits you, you can check out last week’s article where we covered how to choose the correct pair of underwear for yourself.