How to maximize the lifespan of your swimwear

Swimwear has become an essential part of our lives. With a plethora of designs and cuts to choose from, one would be spoilt for choice. But how do you maximize the lifespan of your favorite pair of swim briefs? There are 4 Golden Rules you have to adhere to.

1.Steer clear of rough surfaces

This goes without saying. Sitting on rough and abrasive surfaces such as rocks will chafe and pill the fabric of the swim piece and it’ll deteriorate over time.

2. Try to avoid Hot Tubs

I said try. Because, what else are you going to wear? What you’re trying to avoid here is hot chlorine. Pools are fine but hot tubs are a no-go, it’ll cause the fabric to lose its elasticity over time. Alternatively just sacrifice that one ugly pair you don’t like as much.
3.Rinse thoroughly, Wash and Dry properly after use
Ever left your wash in the washing machine for more than a couple hours by accident, and it starts to stink up? That’s bacteria ya nasty. The optimal environment for bacteria to reproduce is warm and damp. Make sure you wash your swimwear thoroughly and let them dry properly.
4.Make sure it actually fits you well.
We know you want to wear tighter swimwear so that it makes your butt look good. But that’s what’s gonna wear out your swimwear. If you need to squeeze yourself into the pair, its probably too small. Although the fabric is stretchy and has leeway, overstretching can cause the waistband to lose elasticity. Not to mention, it puts pressure onto the seams. This will cause the threads to break and the seams will eventually come apart.