How to choose the right underwear

Underwear has certainly come a long way over the past few decades. From their fit to their fabric and to their construction. But many times we tend to pick the wrong underwear and thus it results in a lot of discomfort. So here are some tips and tricks you can keep in mind for your next underwear haul.


  • Be familiar with your body type

When you strip down to your bare essentials, the shape of your underwear can affect the way you look. For example, for the guys that love to do squats at the gym and have swole quads, you might’ve come across tight thighs when you wear trunks. For this, you can choose underwear with no leg rimming or you could opt for boxers, jockstraps, or thongs. 

Proportions come into play as well. If you’re a tall glass of water, you can look a little bit out of proportion when you wear briefs as they’ll accentuate your legs and makes them look longer. Underwears with more fabric such as boxers are recommended to help balance out your proportions. Inversely if you are shorter, wearing briefs will help you look taller by making your legs look longer.

Of course, the most versatile piece you can wear is a jockstrap. It fulfills the 3 most essential duties of underwear that we need: Protects us at the front, reduces wedgies at the back, and most importantly, it makes our booty pop.


  • Cup Size

Every brand has different cuttings and shapes when it comes to the front pouches so it’s down to you finding out which brand suits your taste more. Some guys prefer it snug, some prefer it looser. It’s encouraged to find a pouch with a contoured fit(such as Addicted’s Dick Up or Supawear’s Xcurv Technology) that allows your package to sit further away from your body. It’s good for your health and grants you a confidence boost as well.


  • Fabric Choices

Different fabrics have different purposes and feel. 

Cotton and Bamboo fabrics are commonly used as they are comfortable, low hypoallergenic, and are great for cooler conditions, like cold climates or if you spend most of your time in air condition. 

Polyester is something you should look into if you prefer underwear with prints or vibrant colors as it won’t give pill nor will it give you that washed-out effect after prolong use.

Nylon, Polyester, and Tactile are considered performance fabrics and are great if you’re active throughout the day or if you frequent the gym, as they have quick dry properties and reduce chafing.