How hygienic are gay bathhouses and saunas?

 Let's face it. Any moist environment where large groups of people pass through is bound to have questionable sanitation. We question the condition of restrooms, gym showers, and public swimming pools for good reason. No one wants to end up with a weird foot fungus because they took a shower without flip-flops, and if you're toying with the idea of visiting a gay bathhouse, that probably opens your concerns to a lot more than just athlete's foot.  

Gay bathouses as you can imagine aren't just for getting clean and relaxing. They are a place to congregate, check each other out, and obviously, hook up. Cleanliness varies from business to business, the same as restaurants and hotels, but for the most part, these places are remarkably hygienic.  


What many gay bathhouses and saunas do to keep you safe 


Bathhouses and saunas include a range of features, including a whirlpool, steam-room, sauna, dark rooms, relaxation lounge, and more.

Anything can happen in any of these places, and let's not forget the very dark shower area of course.  These areas are regularly cleaned, usually using extremely harsh, hospital grade cleansers to ensure all wipeable surfaces are as clean as possible. No one wants to be walking over someone else's "bodily fluids".  The floors are regularly mopped, water is treated, and the sandals issued by the bathhouse are sanitized.  Some bathhouses even work with local health facilities to bring on the spot STD testing to the bathhouses. These are quick and easy ways to check if you or your partner is clean, and helps keep everyone healthy.  Although most bathhouses and saunas make it their business to keep everything clean, there is only so much they can do.


Bathhouse Etiquette


While the staff works hard to keep your visit clean, there's plenty you can do to help keep it that way. When entering the bathhouse, you're expected to shower before visiting any of the other amenities. Showering helps limit the amount of sweat and grime entering the facility, and makes the place cleaner for everyone else.  

While many patrons choose not to, wearing a condom is also recommended. Unless there's an STD testing station right there, there's no real way of knowing if your partner is clean or not, and you don't really want to find out the hard way, do you?  Last but not least, limit the amount of scented items you bring in with you. Some men are very sensitive to these, and may have a hard time enjoying themselves because of the strong odors. When in a bathhouse or sauna, natural is best.  If you've been thinking about checking out everything a gay bathhouse or sauna has to offer, but have been worried about the germs, relax. Most of these places are very clean, and if you're concerned, you can always check out reviews to see what others think about the place you're planning on going.