Gay Singapore

Asian countries aren't well known for being open to the gay community. Singapore has anti gay legislation set out in Section 377A of the Penal Code, and though it was review in 2007, it is still technically illegal. If prosecuted you can get up to 2 years in prison.  While still illegal, Singapore is gradually getting more tolerant of the LGBT community, and these laws are seldom inforced. There have even been LGBT events held since 2009, and attendance is increasing ot these events. If you are looking for things to do that are LGBT friendly in Singapore, here are a few top options.


Hyptertainment parties-

The team behind these parties, Adrian and his crew have made many fabulous parties on Sundays and on the eve of public holidays. Yes the drinks might be slightly expensive when hosted at 1 Altitude, at downtown Singapore, but you will not only get to set yours sights on the beautiful boys dancing around you, but you will also get the chance to be at one of the best roof top bars in Singapore where you can see Singapore’s skyline and everything below.


Pink Fest

The largest LGBT event in Singapore, this celebration of everything queer has a long line-up of events over the course of a month. These includes talks helping to educate and deal with problems related to gender issues, as well as gatherings and social events. 


The Jock Shop

An all male underwear boutique, this shop is popular with gay men for obvious reasons. Indulge yourself in some of the sexiest underwear and swimwear available, including popular brands such as Addicted, Andrew Christian, Pump, and many other brands.

Underwear isn't the only items available, enjoy harnesses, and other sexy gear as well. 

Aquaholic Beach party

Okay, so there are no actual gay beaches in Singapore. That being said, Aquaholic is a beach party held at FOC Sentosa once every month. It is is very popular within the LGBT community, and for good reason. With free entry, lots of hot boys in swimwear, what is there not to enjoy.

Male-HQ Another shop with an all male selection, you can expect everything from the usual shorts, swimtrunks and underwear to male grooming supplies and other essentials. You might even find a fun toy or two to help spice up your night life. 

Pink Dot

And of course we must not forget the one day a year where the LGBT community and its allies can come together and stand for what they believe in - equality. Pink Dot is held at Hong Lim Square, and it is their version of a peaceful protest, hoping to be able to reverse the one law that that condemns homosexuality - 377A.

There are a surprising number of wonderful places you can take your partner in Singapore. While archaic laws are still in place, Singapore is becoming more open to LGBT, and these laws has never been enforced. If you want to go on vacation with your significant other, this could be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a beautiful getaway for two.