Can a straight guy wear a jockstrap?

Many, many years ago someone realized how uncomfortable was to work out with something hanging out in between your legs and decided to do something about it and boom! The jockstrap was created.

Now, that’s a really quick way to tell the real story of how the jockstrap was made, but the point is: It was created to help men exercise and work out without having to deal with every thing in between… If you are wondering “What the hell does this have to do with who can wear a jockstrap?” Well, everything. If you know what the jockstrap is for, then you’ll know who should wear it, and why.


Main functions of the jockstrap

Like we said, the main function of the jockstrap is to provide support the men genitanial when working out. Basically, so your “goodies” wouldn’t be hanging in the way while you were jogging, running or cycling.

But the famous jockstrap isn't only about holding up everything in place for your comfort, it’s also about protecting them from any kind of harm or injuries they could suffer. To put it simply: The two main functions of the jockstrap is to grab, hold and protect your genitals while you work out. Simple as that. However, those aren’t the only two functions. Men have discovered that the jockstrap is actually… Comfy. It’s actually really nice to walk around without having to adjust yourself every now and then, and wearing a jockstrap can help you with that. And of course, there’s the sexual part about it. Sure, the jockstraps was created with the intentions of helping out men while working out, but things have take a turn and now it’s actually a great part of gay culture. It isn’t really a surprise men underwear that’s designed to showcase your butt area it’s now a great part of gay culture. However, the jockstrap isn’t only meant for gay men to wear, it’s honestly for every men out there.


The jockstrap: Perfect for every men.

The jockstrap isn’t only for gay men or for those who want to engage in different sports without having to deal with their goodies hanging around: It’s literally for every men who just want to be comfortable.

Truth being told, the jockstraps holds your genitals comfortably in place, away from your legs, which means you will be way more comfortable when walking around town.

Although there’s definitely some kind of stigma when it comes to straight guys wearing an underwear that exposes your butt, the truth is, it shouldn't. Yes, it exposes your butt, so what? It does it purpose so you can be comfortable!


Honestly, straight guys, normal guys who have never play any sports professionally, have to stop being so stiff around wearing a jockstrap. It isn’t a “gay” thing, it’s actually something necessary!

You don’t have to practice any sport or be gay to be able to enjoy the comfort and support the jockstrap has to offer. Honestly, it’s comfy, it comes in various designs and the best part, nobody will be able to tell you are wearing it… So why won’t wear it?