Can a gay "Top" wear a jock strap?

Jock straps are one of the hottest articles of clothing gay men can choose. This form fitting underwear pushes all the assets up, making an appealing bulge. The straps in the back help improve appearance from behind as well, lifting muscles and helping to create a more attractive back view. Whether you're in the gym or at home, a jock strap can be one sexy piece of clothing. Best of all, jock straps make access easy for both parties during sex.

Since the invention of the jock strap, it was typically gay men on the bottom who chose to wear it. For those on bottom, jock straps don't have to be moved at all for sex. Jock straps were originally made for comfort and support during sports, but the backless design looks as if the jock strap was originally made for this purpose.


It's taken gay men on top a little more time to start wearing these. Those on top tended to wear clothing that showed dominance, where as men on bottom chose clothing that was more effeminate. In today's modern era, anyone can wear this eye catching and sexy strap. Rules have changed for gay men over the last few decades. Where there was once a strict dress code for top and bottom, now gay men wear what ever turns them on.


On top and want to wear a jock strap? You can do so, simply move the pouch to one side. Trying to catch the attention of a sexy partner? Wearing a jock strap is a great way to help improve your confidence and your looks. Hoping for a sexy selfie to put on your instagram? Jock straps were designed to make everything look better, no matter what angle you choose to photograph.

Being on top no longer means wearing a particular outfit or following a strict code. Today's relationships are more dynamic and flowing, and are more about what makes you feel sexy. If wearing a jock strap makes you feel good, wear it. It doesn't matter whether you are on top or on bottom.

 Today's gay culture is far more relaxed than in previous years. It is no longer necessary to stick to a strict role, and more men are feeling comfortable with switching it up. Wearing a particular article of clothing is no longer about what you want to do, but about how you feel. These changes make choosing a great outfit about appeal, and jock straps can be one of the most appealing underwear choices out there.

If you've never tried wearing a jock strap before, you may want to add it to your wardrobe. Jock straps are one of the most popular articles of clothing in gay culture, and for good reason. It's sexy, functional, and can add a little excitement to an otherwise normal relationship.

 Jock straps are a key fashion statement for gay men, no matter what position they like best. Don't miss out on this trendy, sexy, and comfortable addition to your wardrobe.