Am I boring if I only wear white and black underwear?

Most people think wearing black and white underwear is boring because you aren’t “spicing things up” but let’s be realistic for a moment here: Wearing only black and white underwear is classic.

Black is elegant, sexy, mysterious, while white is pure, soft, almost innocent. They are the perfect underwear options at any time. You wanna feel a little bit more sexy? Wear black; Wanna tease them up with your innocence? Wear white underwear.

People who say wearing only black and white underwear is boring clearly don’t know how to pick the right underwear, because trust us, is all about what you choose, and how you make it work for you.

Black and white underwear is the best underwear


Forget about all those bright new colors, you don’t want the attention to go to what you are wearing, if anything, you want the attention to go straight to your goodies, if you know what I mean…

The point is: Black and white underwear is the right way to go! Black underwear can’t never, ever, go wrong. You have a fancy date and you wanna make sure you look hot in case something happens? Boy, you HAVE to wear black underwear.

But what about if you just wanna wear something more casual but that still says “I’m down if you are”? Then you wear white underwear. It’s the perfect option if you don’t wanna look too sexy just yet.


Black and White underwear doesn’t have to be boring


Listen, you could be wearing the most extravagant, luxurious and sexy pair of bright orange underwear you have EVER seen, and still look boring and dull if the design is ugly. It’s honestly that simple.

Wearing black and white underwear can be the best thing ever if you choose wisely. For example, Gregg Homme has a lot of great men underwear with really sexy designs that ARE black or white (or even both, sometimes), and will make you look amazing.

There are also some very flirty underwear designs by the brand 2XIST, that go all the way from simple but classic short briefs all the way to more sexy jockstraps to show off your best attributes.

And this isn’t only about jockstraps and briefs, black and/or white are the best colors to pick when choosing any type of harnesses. They look so good and sensual it’s freaking ridiculous.


It’s all about being confident


Like we said, black and white underwear isn’t boring at all! It’s all about the design you are wearing and how you are wearing it. You can wear the simplest yet most classic short briefs and be confident and you WILL look hella good.

Whatever you choose to wear (jockstraps, short shorts, short briefs, boxers...) make sure you feel comfortable yet sensual in it, and we assure you, it will look so good you won’t even care what color it is.

To answer your question: No, you aren’t boring for wearing white and black underwear. Men underwear can’t make you boring! Use whatever you feel like it, just make sure you are feeling great before heading out the door.