All you need to know about Garcon Model

Sexy underwear can sometimes be hard to come by when you are a guy. While women have their Victoria Secret and, men are often left with much plainer and less interesting options. The nicest Calvin Klein for men is simply functional, and nothing more.

For those seeking something a little sexier than a pair of black, white, or grey trunks, Garcon Model is the long awaited solution. Garcon Model offers underwear, swimwear, and accessories in a variety of different styles and colors. Enjoy boxers and briefs in every color under the sun, as well as jock straps that come in both colors and prints.

The swimwear offers some of the widest range in cut and color, so no matter what you envision for your wardrobe, you'll find a piece that flatters you.

Garcon Model has gained a lot of press from underwear review sites, due to its simple motto: Your clothes say a lot about your personality. Being forced to choose between colorless and boring underwear by the pack, or embarrassing kiddy prints, should not be the start of your day. 

Garcon Model started in 2012, when two french designers in two different countries joined forces to change the world of men's underwear. Their goal was to create underwear that was not only fashionable, but also functional as well. You can see this today not just in the broad range of color and style options, but in the active wear that lets you be in your top form out on the field.


Their attention to detail extends not just to style, but also to sustainability. When Garcon Model was created, their end goal was not just to make beautiful underwear, but to make it in such a way that it is good for the planet. That means you can wear this underwear in pride, knowing it was not made with child labor or materials that are detrimental to the planet. In a world where climate change is a growing concern, fighting global warming and looking great at the same time have never been easier.

Harnesses and other accessories are also available from this line, so don't be afraid to look around at the many options available. Accessories are a relatively new addition to their line up, so keep checking back as more products become available,

 If you're ready to add a splash of color to your underclothing, or simply want a great pair of underwear that doesn't lose its shape after a month, Garcon Model is the right choice for you. Their sleek, sexy, and fun designs have enough variation to keep you in a new color or style every day of the year.

 Grab yourself a few new sets in your favorite style, and start sporting a look that is fresh and unique today. Who knows, those bright colors and sexy looks might just capture the attention of a hot new date. With Garcon Model on your side, anything is possible.