A Survivor’s Guide to Gay Cruises: Part 2, What to pack?

So in last week’s article, we covered what to expect at a gay cruise, all the fun activities, and whatnot. So you read the article, made up your mind to go on your first gay cruise, made your booking and you’re so excited to be among the gays. But it’s just dawned on you, what are you going to bring? What do you need? Are you going to just pack a surplus of underwear for a 7-day trip as though you were gonna shit yourself every day of the trip like some people? I mean, no one's stopping you.



So what should you bring, at this point you would  throw in whatever jockstrap and kinky accessories you have and call it a day. Well, you can do that but it’s best to be prepared for any mishaps since you will be at sea for a week.

Party Gear

Remember how I covered the common party themes in the previous article? I listed the 3 most common party themes on a gay cruise: White Party, Military themed, and Various Costume Themed. To be part of the party, you need to dress up for it.

  • White Party: As I said, the White Party is pretty self-explanatory. All white. The bare minimum you have to prepare would be some white undies and some white footwear. Throw in a white harness too if you’d like. 
  • Military theme: This party is all about the military, so if you’re going to participate, then you’ll have to pack a pair of camo undies and some trainers, if you wanna zhush it up a bit, bring along a pair of combat boots (I know you have a pair, we’ve all went through NS) and maybe a leather harness.
  • Costume theme: This is a rather grey area. The theme varies in each cruise so I can’t advise you on what to bring, you’ll be notified about the theme when the cruise date draws closer. So just pack accordingly, you can choose to go as a slutty version of whatever the theme is or you could bring the house down with cosplay. The world is your oyster.


It’s quite obvious that you’ll need a couple pieces of swimwear when embarking on a cruise vacay, a gay one nonetheless. Pick those that make you feel comfortable as well as grants you confidence cos you’ll probably be in it for most of the day. Not to mention the cruise destinations will also have beaches for you to visit.


Daywear is absolutely necessary, not just for your off days when you don’t feel like partying, You’ll need them when you wanna explore each place the cruise stops at, it may be sexy on a gay cruise to wear nothing but underwear, but it’s not when you want to go into a town where there are people other than gay men staying there. The bare minimum is a pair of shorts and a tank top. 

This also includes something to wear to dinner. Although the dress code on a gay cruise is very unique, don’t go for dinner with your bare bottom, it won’t be appreciated. The only time your butt should be associated with “eating” should come after dinner, late in the night. You can bring jeans and a dress shirt if you want to impress, otherwise, a pair of shorts and a tank top would do. 

An Intimacy Kit

Come on, you are on a cruise with thousands of other gay men. Even if you tell yourself you don’t wanna have “fun” there, you never know what will happen, you might see someone that tickles your fancy. It’s best to be prepared, stock up on lube and protection.

A Small Bag

A small bag like a drawstring bag or a small pouch will do the trick. If you’re wearing just underwear to a party, chances are that you won’t have any pockets. Bring a small bag to keep your valuables safe while you party your heart away.

Panadol/Aspirin and probably some vitamins

If you’re going to be partying hard, you’re going to be hungover and/or feel like you want to drop dead the next morning. Keep these on hand to help relieve the discomfort and replenish whatever nutrients you’ve lost from all the puking


Not just for a goodnight’s sleep. You’re on a floating rave on the sea. To keep your eardrums from bursting from the bass, protect them with some reusable earplugs.

Cruise Essentials
At the end of the day, this is still a cruise vacation, the following items are what anyone should bring onto any cruise.

  • A basic sewing kit - It’ll come in handy in wardrobe malfunctions like if one of the straps on your jockstrap breaks. If you don’t know how to sew, learn. Or make friends with someone who does
  • Some clothing in your carry-on - You won’t get your check-in luggage immediately after boarding, so keep an outfit on hand so you can change.
  • Sunscreen - Self-explanatory. Unless you want to turn into a tomato. Protect yourself from our archnemesis, the Sun.
  • Sunglasses - Again, self-explanatory. Protect your eyes. May also come in handy for the hangover you will definitely get.
  • Seasickness Medication - If you’re prone to motion sickness, prepare some seasickness tablets. You’re going to be on a rocking boat, your stomach might just say no and decide to go Niagara Falls on the toilet. 
  • Water Bottle - Stay hydrated, it’s gonna be hot and you’re going to be partying all day and night.
  • Toiletries  - Obviously. Personal Hygiene is so important. Especially when your exposed skin to clothing ration is about 10:1.

 There you have it, this covers what you should generally pack. Remember: have fun, know your limits, and most importantly stay safe.