A little insight to new comer JJ Malibu

Tell me more about the brand JJ Malibu

Until recently, guys had very few summer options, besides a clunky pair of swim trunks and the choice of socks or no socks with their sandals anyway. JJ Malibu is changing that. Sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, JJ Malibu represents the joy of summer itself. If you have been looking for summer wear that will draw every eye on the beach, JJ Malibu has a wide selection of unique and trendy clothing.


JJ Malibu offers crop tops, shorts, swim trunks, and accessories, to name just a few of their available styles. Look forward to wearing a mesh top with an edgy cut to it, or a crop top cut to reveal your hard earned abs. The fun loving style both makes you look good, and offers you the chance to show off your style like no other brand. Whether you want to keep things silly with unicorn print shorts, or show the crowds just how serious you are with booty shorts straight out of 90210, there's a pattern or cut for you.

If you think their sexy underwear looks familiar, you're probably right. JJ Malibu has been seen on My Naked Kitchen, and has made appearances on many popular fashion review sites.


A bit about how JJ Malibu got started

Owner and founder of JJ Malibu, Jed, is no stranger to the clothing business. When he set out to create JJ Malibu, he already owned a successful clothing company, Jed North, aimed toward men and women who enjoyed fitness. He felt inspired to create a new clothing line, one specifically for the gay community. The result is JJ Malibu, a quirky and fun line of clothing that fills a rather large gap in the market place.

As a gay man himself, Jed saw the need for clothing that highlighted the male body, rather than conforming to typical style trends. This is why JJ Malibu stands out compared to so many other brands of clothing. The men he cater to seem to agree with his eye for design as well—he has grown from a one man operation to a full team

Why you should try JJ Malibu

Most men's clothing is designed to be strictly functional. Choices tend to be in terms of color and size rather than how it hugs your body, or what parts you may want to reveal. JJ Malibu rejects this trend, and instead makes clothing designed to show off the best parts of your body. The result is fun, splashy clothes that leave an impression on all of those who are looking.

JJ Malibu is an exciting new clothing line that begs to be worn. If you're not familiar with this line of clothing, it's worth taking a look at what they have to offer and taking home a selection of trendy clothes to add to your wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a pair of underwear in a new style, or a top that shows off your muscle, JJ Malibu has something perfect for you.