5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon


You get one night to have a taste of everlasting. So please, do yourselves a favour and leave your earthly troubles at the door because a celestial stairway to HEAVEN awaits you. For the first time ever, Neil Road’s icon Tantric and party factory Hypertainment take centre stage at Avalon on July 5 (Tues) from 10pm till late. Crap, it’s a weekday - don’t worry - it’s the eve of Hari Raya so you can dance all night, crash, and still wake up well rested the next day. In case you need any more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should make the scene at HEAVEN this holiday eve:


  • Your Heaven’s gates aren’t usually open on Tuesday nights

    On a normal work week, going out on a Tuesday night is like going to Bangkok for two days - all the excitement leaving the country but barely enough time spent to have a ball. Most times, you’ll find an excuse to reject the Tuesday-night fun because you dread the next three work or school days.  

    This July 5, your chance is here to paint the town red and have a fuss-free weeknight out. You can unleash your inner diva and party like it’s a Friday night this holiday eve; let your hair down completely, and not worry about getting up at 7am later.     


    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon

  • Brazilian hotstuff DJ Daniel Noronha is guest spinning

    What’s better than a DJ spinning great parties and dropping sick beats? A DJ who’s sexy, hot and very pleasing to the eye. This charismatic Brazilian party-starter is known in his home country for his skilled techniques and tasteful executions. His passion for electronic music is unquestionable, and he masterfully blends pop nuances into his mix. I’m in love with his preview of Selena Gomez’s Come and Get It on soundcloud!         

    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon


    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like ANTM’s sweetheart Nyle Dimarco?


    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon

  • Over the top Goddesses will tickle your funny bone   

    Alright ladies, we cannot forget Tantric’s beloved divas. Hunties, the queens of the occasion will sweep you off your feet to the moon and back; just pray they don’t sweep you out of the club if you don’t get their jokes. I remember drinking at Tantric one night and this glorious queen, dressed up with face painted like Skeletor’s wife, came up to me and hissed “I have a bone to pick with you.” Boy, was I entertained by her subsequent pick up lines.

    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon


    HEAVEN has lined up a spectacular set that will tempt you to bite into the forbidden fruit and join their diva status.

    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon


  • Muscle Gods will take you to church

    Finally, how can we forget the gorgeous and ripped men that will set foot on the dazzling runway. No queer event will do without these guys with bodies sculpted for the Gods showing skin - we promise a feast for your eyes. Our favourite Jock Boys will illuminate the stage by strutting down in nothing but their underwear! Don’t be afraid to mingle with them when they’re off stage; they’re extremely friendly and approachable!

    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon


  • Freebies to be given away by The Jock Shop

    Finally, as you know it, early birds always get the worms. To celebrate the first 100 humans who make their way to the celestial stairs, The Jock Shop is giving away* AUSSIEBUM lanyards, rainbow bands, towel bags, NEWURBANMALE Rainbow Bears, 2 limited edition ADDICTED Calendars, ANDREW CHRISTIAN Backpacks AND SGD15 OFF Jock Shop Voucher's** with no minimum spending required! Plus, stand a chance to get a $100 Jock Shop voucher during the Mega 1000 Balloon Net Drop. 

    *First 70 to enter the club will get one of the above items (in addition to the voucher)

    **Remaining 30 will get a Jock Shop voucher


    So who’s up for it?  

    5 Reasons Not To Miss Heaven At Avalon




    • Presale tickets available till Mon, 4 Jul 2016, 11.59pm
    • Concession rates are for all aged 18 to 24 with valid photo ID (with Date of Birth) verified at the door
    • VIP ticket privileges include: Express VIP Entry line, Exclusive VIP Bar, Dedicated VIP Zone, Dedicated VIP Toilets *, Exclusive VIP Welcome Gift * (* While stocks last & subject to availability)
    • Presale Tickets - Single Types:

    - Concession Single: $20

    - Standard Single: $28

    - VIP Single: $35 (Limited)

    • Presale Group Promo Tickets (Only Available Online, Not Available Offline):

    - Group Purchase Promo - Buy 4 get 1 free (Enjoy great savings! Limited Available)

    - Concession Group [Buy 4 Get 1 Free]: $80

    - Standard Group [Buy 4 Get 1 Free]: $112

    - VIP Group [Buy 4 Get 1 Free]: $140

    - Booking fee applies for all online purchases: $2 for Single Tickets, $8 for Group Tickets

    - No Booking fee at offline sales outlets

    • At Door Tickets:

    - Door Concession: $28

    - Door Standard: $38

    - Door VIP Fastpass: $45




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