5 reasons guys wear nice underwear to the gym

Gone are the days when it was fine to wear a ratty pair of boxers when visiting the gym. Men are forgoing boring if serviceable underwear for lines such as Garcon Model which provide something a bit more fun and sexy. Here are 5 of the most common reasons men are making the switch.

 It gets them noticed in the dressing room.

There's no point in sacrificing hours at the gym if no one ever sees that great body. If you're visiting the gym as much to meet other guys as you are to work out, having an eye catching set of briefs along with that great body can be a great conversation starter.


It offers a more enhanced look

Some underwear comes with bulge enhancements, which add a little extra padding in crucial places. Even when you're not in the dressing room, that little bit of extra padding will make a big difference in how you look and feel walking around the gym. Since these enhancements can even be seen with clothing on, it is well worth getting a pair for a little boost when you feel you need it.

Better Photos

Taking photos to help mark your progress is an important part of encouraging yourself at the gym, but remember these are memories you and your instagram friends will be looking back on. If you are taking your photos in stained, plain, or ugly underwear, those popping biceps and great abs won't draw nearly as much attention. You don't want your social media comments to be focused on a fashion mistake if you've finally lost that baby fat or gained extra muscle tone.


Improved Self Confidence

We go to the gym because we want to look and feel great. We want to feel sexy, strong, and healthy, and maybe also meet another guy who has the same ideals. Wearing underwear that looks and feels great can be good for how you present yourself, even if no one knows you are wearing them but you. More confidence means better posture, better eye contact, and better mood.

Psychologists often recommend wearing clothing that makes you feel good, because it can have a profound effect on your well being. Who knew underwear could be so important?

Helps snare that hot date

Let's face it, part of the reason we work out is to enjoy the benefits of a hot body. Getting the attention of someone else who takes their body just as seriously is one of the perks of spending long hours at the gym. Unfortunately, if you're wearing a lumpy grey relic from the stone age, you might have a little more trouble finding a date. A great pair of underwear can up your game, and make the odds of scoring a new friend that much better.

 Underwear that looks and feels good can have a positive impact on our lives in many ways. Whether you want to look and feel good, or simply want to take a great photo, a quality pair of underwear is essential to your next gym workout.