3 Australian Underwear Brands to Look out for

3 Australian Underwear Brands To Look Out For

In case you haven’t noticed, Australia has been stealing the spotlight for men’s underwear.  The Aussie style and personality is the perfect fit for the underwear industry.  Stylish and comfortable athletic briefs, sexy underwear, and slimming swimwear, Australian brands have been delivering on every major front over the years. 

With this growth, we’ve seen a big surge in the number of Australian brands, so to help you with your first purchase, we’ve gathered our three favorite brands who piss excellence and breathe style.  Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at best Aussie bottoms.


It’s hard to miss this brand, AussieBum has been in the business for over ten years, so you’re bound to come across their underwear while shopping online or in retail stores who sell more than bulk packs of underwear.  The folks at AussieBum pride themselves in their marketing teams who put out extremely effective and entertaining online videos.  They’re very good to their online followers and are constantly updating fans on new and upcoming ideas. 

Of course, we cannot forget about the "wonderjock", the technology that made Aussiebum popular, to begin with. This is a brand you can trust, as all of their manufacturing and production is done under one roof.  Even if you struggle sometimes to translate that heavy Australian accent, no words are necessary when you see their labors of love through their quality, attention to detail, and stylish lines of underwear and swimwear. 

3 Australian Underwear Brands To Look Out For


If you want to take a refreshing look at men’s underwear, Croota is a brand that is taking a bold approach at how underwear is marketed and made.  Croota has become well known for their seamless boxer designs, showing us a hint of Asian influence with their graphic prints. The materials used to construct their underwear is ultra-light, ultra-thin, high-performance polyester spandex fabric that provides comfort and coolness throughout the day by allowing heat and sweat from the body to pass through and moisture to evaporate quickly. If you are looking for something so comfortable that it almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, then give Croota a try.

3 Australian Underwear Brands To Look Out For


Now for some fun!  Australia is all about living the active life whether it is going to the beach, on a hike, to the gym or to the park. Teamm8 is an Sydney based underwear, swimwear and sportwear brand that believes in empowering men to lead the active lifestyle. This brand is all about having fun, being healthy and looking good at the same time.  From baseball to football, Teamm8 draws its inspiration from various athletic styles, combining that with pops of colors. If you are looking for underwear that will support your active lifestyle, then Teamm8 is the choice for you. With Teamm8, never again will you have to worry about drenching your underwear with sweat!

3 Australian Underwear Brands To Look Out For

The world has its eye on the land from down under.  We can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year!