What Underwear Do You Wear


You wake up this morning grinning from last night’s text, “See you tomorrow XOXO”. You know the exact words to say when you make an entrance later; you plan to be a minute late so you have an excuse to flash those puppy eyes to apologize, without actually offending him or her.

You want to create a bang-up impression on your first date, and it requires clocking up all the right points consistently from the meet up to the moment you drop the pants.  You have to feel good, and this stems from underneath, literally. So tell yourself “When my balls are lifted the right way, I will overcome anything.”  

You deserve not only the best pair of underwear but also the right one for the occasion.

Outdoor Activities: Sports

Say you decide to stay away from the conventional dinner and drinks and attempt to bask in the sun for a change. You decide to go au naturel and go for a jog in the park with your date. You want to take deep breaths of fresh air, in hopes of pumping those adrenaline and showing him or her that you love the outdoors and have the habit of working out.

You can also plan a bike ride along recreational cycling routes around Singapore; feel the breeze brushing against your skin and admire winds sweeping over waters when you’re pedaling along the trails of East Coast Park with your date.

Refreshing, isn’t it? You better be in the right underwear for these sporty dates outdoors and not in typical tighty whities that have holes around because they will break. And you don’t want to walk (or run or cycle) the carpet of shame when they do.

The Best Fit: Material is King   

Functional undergarments are integral to a great workout experience and they must be comfortable, lightweight, and performance-driven. You want an underwear that protects you from chafing during sports, and one that safeguards your jewel from coarse materials causing friction. Take a look at Aussiebum's wonderjock series which is designed with a special pouch to hold your balls inside for optimum protection and enhancement. Gone are the days when you had to hold your balls while doing jumping jacks!

What Underwear Do You Wear


Also, I’m sure a soggy bottom is the last thing you’ll want after a workout, especially with your date. Take a look at C-IN2's GRIP Mesh series which is designed to dry quickly, dispersing sweat from the inside to the outside of the garment while cooling the area around your groin by around 2 degrees F. That's what you call climate-controlled comfort!


What Underwear Do You Wear


Indoor Activities: Dinner and Drinks

We’re not saying you’re conventional but you do love the ol’ fashioned dates where you take him or her out to your favourite diner. You believe in getting to know each other by chatting over burgers and pasta, then over a few pints of beers and a glass of Old Fashioned.  

You can make your dinner date interesting by having breakfast for dinner, indulge in the comfort of those fluffy pancakes doused in butter and a side of ham and bacon.

You can also kick up the excitement by having a full three-course meal, at different restaurants. Grab your appetizers at a cool tapas place, an entrée of ramen at a Japanese restaurant and maybe a cup of organic ice cream at a fancy dessert place.

Now with all these enchanting ideas for an excellent date, you want to feel the most confident inside.

The Best Fit: Classic Briefs

The standard underwear that every man owns – the ones they feel the most comfortable in, and the ones they know, will bring out their A game. Briefs hug your waist nicely; cover your buttocks and crotch completely, exposing your upper thighs and side of your legs – sexy. It’s for the confident man who embraces his sexuality. A well-made brief, like those from Teamm8 can provide the right kind of lift that accentuates your front-bulge and backside. Teamm8's super low rise briefs lends itself a sexy feel, while maintaining a classic look. The perfect balance for the perfect date. 

 What Underwear Do You Wear


SOMETHING EXTRA: Keep an extra Jockstrap in your bag.  

I was drinking at a party one evening and a very attractive man (model material) walks to my table in a basic get up: white tee shirt and denim jeans, low enough to reveal a very sexy waistband from his underwear.

I asked him what boosts his confidence and without blinking, he uttered, “what I wear underneath… I can be in the most basic outfit and feel the best when it feels good down there”.

We then had a great time talking about the wide variety of underwear he owns, and before he strutted away, he whispered, “Oh, and I like to keep an extra Jockstrap in my bag… just in case…y'know, when things get turned up.”

That night was intriguing, so now I’m penning this down to advise all of you the same.


What Underwear Do You Wear