Whatever Happened To Newurbanmale



NewUrbanMale may have closed its stores in Singapore a couple of years ago now, but it’s definitely a case of ‘gone but not forgotten’. Who DIDN’T sport one of their tank tops at Zookout (remember the handy strap!), or chuckle at their cheeky logo!

We sat down for a chat with local boy and NewUrbanMale founder Shenzi to ask the questions that have been on all of our minds...


What’s NewUrbanMale up to these days?

We moved our flagship store from Singapore to Taiwan a few years ago, and we also expanded to customers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. We have recently teamed up with The Jock Shop to help reach out to our customers in Singapore.

  Whatever Happened To Newurbanmale


Why did you guys leave Singapore?

Aww, we never *really* left. We closed our physical stores in Singapore, but we’ve been careful to maintain an online presence by allowing our customers to buy through our Facebook store, The Jock Shop and soon in Tangs. We had wanted for a long time to enter the Taiwan market, where the customer base is bigger and rent is more reasonable. Several years on, we’ve built a really solid business in Taiwan, and we’re now looking to expand to China and bring our products to customers across Asia. 

What was the inspiration behind NewUrbanMale?

13 years ago, I felt that there wasn’t really one all-male fashion store in Singapore - there wasn’t anyone who was bringing in popular global brands like AussieBum, C-in2, Haviannas, Toot and American Apparel. So I figured, why not give it a go! Why not create a concept store that gave Singaporeans access to fun international brands at affordable prices? I saw the opportunity and I jumped at it.


Whatever Happened To Newurbanmale


Your underwear is super soft - what’s the secret?

We create our own fabric. The aim was to design a material that keeps its shape and colour after repeated washes, and has the soft feel of nylon but the strength of cotton. We’re really happy with how it turned out.

What makes NewUrbanMale different?

We’re about creating products that embody the 21st Century man. It’s all about having fun and looking great, but at affordable prices. We’re more competitive on price than many of the other leading fashion brands, whilst maintaining our committment to producing top quality garments.


Whatever Happened To Newurbanmale


NewUrbanMale’s full swimwear and underwear ranges are available online from The Jock Shop (www.thejockshop.com.sg) and head on over to their facebook (www.Facebook.com/newurbanmaletaiwan) to follow them.